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Barb’s Methodology

It’s easier to solve a complex jigsaw puzzle if you have the picture on the box. And a method, like starting with the edges, and then sorting the rest of the pieces into groups. Working with me is like that. My collaboration process helps ensure that you get the outcome you imagined.

The Collaboration Process

1. Project Requirements and the Creative Brief

The process begins with clearly defining the project specifications:

      Identifying what you hope to achieve

      Describing critical components
(audience, offer, resources, strategy, target implementation date)

      Explaining your preferred collaboration style
(involve you every step of the way vs. wake you when it’s over)   

The Creative Brief is a critical document because it often reveals things missed during initial project discussions, and helps ensure that you get the desired results. Every project starts with one, unless it’s very simple, like writing a biography.

If you don’t have a Creative Brief template of your own for us to work from, I will provide one. Once discussed and finalized, the Creative Brief is signed, dated, and delivered to me.

2. Fee Agreement

I analyze the Creative Brief, and then present three concepts, the project plan, pricing, and payment terms in a Fee Agreement. If you decide to proceed, the signed and dated Fee Agreement is returned to me with a 50% up-front payment to kick off the project.

3. The Work

This is where the magic happens, and like any good magician, I don’t reveal my secrets.

4. Review and Revision

Every project includes one revision. If required, the revision is discussed and mutually agreed upon before being implemented.

If additional revisions or a scope change are desired, they will be priced separately or handled as a new project.

5. Final Sign-off

When the final deliverable is approved for implementation, final payment is expected unless otherwise agreed upon.

I like to keep tabs on the implementation and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss its progress and reception with you, as well as learn of its results.

6. Rinse and Repeat!

My projects are fun and low maintenance, and most clients can’t stop with just one. I hope you’ll be one of them!

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