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Barb Ostapina’s Story

An A+ in Software Marketing

You’re in good hands with me for eLearning marketing help because my entrepreneurial spirit, marketing savvy, and sales experience go way back…

To when I was nine years old, going door-to-door in my neighborhood selling the personally knitted headbands I lugged behind me in an old, red wagon.

In high school, despite my cigarette salesman father’s threats to disown me, I channeled my persuasion skills into collecting donations to fight cancer. And then, in college, it was hawking fried chicken dinners at a truck stop that honed my ability to coax people to part with their money.

But from the beginning, simmering beneath an apparent interest in commercial success, was a red-hot commitment to learning.

I loved everything about learning. I was an excellent student and, for as long as I can remember, wanted to be a teacher. Not just an ordinary teacher, a special education teacher. I wanted to funnel my creativity and passion for gaining knowledge into helping those challenged by life to reap the benefits of education.

And so I did, ultimately becoming recognized as an innovative educator who employed whatever out-of-the-box techniques I could devise to help my students succeed.

But then I grew frustrated at society’s level of disrespect for teachers and sought a way to change it. Thanks to an unexpected career detour into information technology, I came upon a solution: a merging of technology and education. If I could help more people whose livelihoods depended on staying abreast of ever-changing technology come to value ongoing learning, maybe that would spill over into education.

That’s when I discovered the world of IT training.

I reveled in it, first as a computer-based training product specialist, and then as a training software consultant, and finally as a CBT support center supervisor. Then I took what I knew on the road and into the field as an education consultant and sales representative, where I learned the art of the complex sale.

So, I didn’t fix education—yet—but I won an all-expense-paid trip to Maui.

And I learned to write. Really well. All kinds of things: award-winning feature articles for the local newspaper, children’s picture books, business communications, software documentation, sales copy…

Then I channeled all that into transforming myself into the very best copywriter for the eLearning industry that I could be.

When I’m not earning A+ scores on software marketing efforts, I love sipping green tea lattes over insightful conversations with family and friends, learning about living a life well-lived, and trying to get a step ahead of flapper-socialite-turned-lady-detective Phryne Fisher in figuring out whodunit in “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.”

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