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Looking for Content Marketing help in the B2B eLearning or Technology space? Look No More...


You have technology that can change the world.
I have skills to get the world to sit up and take notice.

You don’t want your ideas to be a wimpy splash in the sea of 2.5 quintillion – that’s with 18 zeroes! – bytes of content added to the Internet every day. Not when people give those bytes about 3 seconds to decide whether to keep reading.

You want to make a Big Splash. One the world can’t ignore.

I’m Barb Ostapina and I can help.

As a former teacher, quota-crushing eLearning sales rep, and IT technical writer turned marketing strategist, I know how to create engaging technical sales copy that stands out in a sea of sameness. I write SEO-optimized blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, and more.

I’m Smart Blogger Content Marketing & SEO Strategy certified and Storyworthy-trained. I bring decades of real-world expertise and insight to your projects.

I can connect with your eLearning & Technology prospects as few other copywriters can.

And you won’t have to waste precious time or resources holding my hand
with your technology marketing projects. I hit the ground running.

Want your prospects to hear your message? Engage with you? Embrace your solution?

Let’s talk!

Service Options

A Variety of Services

As a technology marketing professional, you know you need different approaches to get your value proposition in front of people who “get it” in different ways. No problem—I work magic with a variety of marcom collateral.

Like Syrup on Pancakes

White Papers

White papers continue to be an effective marketing tool because they have high interest and slip past gatekeepers. They slide through an organization like syrup on pancakes.

Proof Positive

Case Studies

Nothing woos prospects like a good success story. Especially one you made happen for someone with their kind of challenge. A powerful case study is positive proof of your capabilities.

Still Kicking Butt

Direct Mail

Whoever said direct mail is dead doesn’t do direct mail. It’s not only alive and kicking, it’s still kicking butt. Nothing gets your prospect’s attention like a lumpy envelope in the mail.

Consistently Classy


Face it—humans like to touch things. They like brochures. A classy brochure feels professional, stable. It makes you look consistently good. And you can leave them most anywhere.

Calls to Action

Web Copy

In this digital age, a business can’t thrive without a web presence. But just showing up online with stunning visuals isn’t enough. You want to stand out, drive sales. Direct response copy can do that.

A Bountiful Harvest

Article Marketing

Mama always said you reap what you sow. Articles let you sow solutions, and problem solving lets you reap credibility, reputation, brand exposure, SEO, and audience loyalty. Not a bad harvest.


What People are Saying


People are saying stellar things about Barb Ostapina, copywriter.

“Compelling Content, Relevant”


“Barb has a very engaging style of writing that pulls the reader in and keeps the reader interested. She combines technical detail with market facts and insightful opinion that brings a paper to life

Barb developed a whitepaper while at Acxiom as part of a content creation promotion; the paper was featured on the website and as part of a series of campaigns.

It was chosen for its compelling content and relevancy to market trends.

Barb is detail oriented, resourceful and conscientious of deadlines and expectations. I recommend her to anyone looking for a strong technical and business writer.”

Jane Vitro, Director of Marketing, Mindsight

People are saying stellar things about Barb Ostapina, copywriter.

“Gifted Sales Copywriter”


“I have been very lucky to not only be a colleague, but to have the opportunity to use Barb’s skills as a technology copywriter.

Barb was one of my best sales people at CARA Corporation and has carried over those leadership qualities into her new passion and career as a technology sales copywriter.

While working with her, one sees her canny ability to understand and distinguish the issues, making it easier to break away from the competition.

If you need a gifted, thought-provoking, knowledgeable technology sales copywriter, take the time to get to know Barb. It will not be time wasted.”

Irish Sanders, National Sales Manager, Second Chance Coffee

People are saying stellar things about Barb Ostapina, copywriter.

“Highly Recommend”


“Barb Ostapina is a talented copywriter who should be on your marketing team radar. Her impressive copy is engaging and compelling. And she is a joy to work with. I highly recommend booking Barb if you can.”

Bob Bly, A-list Copywriter and Author of over 100 Books

People are saying stellar things about Barb Ostapina, copywriter.

“Motivates to


“Barb inspires new ideas, philosophies, and perspectives. She understands her audience and is adept at speaking their language and motivates them to action.

Her words give you the ‘Oh! Now I get it!’ and ‘Wow, I better look into that!’ moments.”

Cindy Larson, Principal, Larson Partners

People are saying stellar things about Barb Ostapina, copywriter.

“Success with Diverse Teams”


“In addition to her amazing attention to detail and ability to understand complicated requirements quickly, Barb has proven her ability to work successfully with a variety of personalities.

No matter what a person’s level of experience, background or style, Barb stays focused on business needs in a pleasant, friendly way.

She is assertive in pursuing needed information and resolving problems creatively, but never aggressive in her own style. This has been extremely important to success with the diverse teams on which we have worked.”

Kathleen Krentz, Principal, KM Training and Consulting Services

Getting Results

Success Stories

What’s better than a solid USP, engaging direct response copy, and a strong golden thread running through your promo piece?
When those things work, that’s what.